Polimex Energetyka!

Experienced specialists and excellent knowledge of the sector and power facilities allows us to comprehensively implement complex -- organizationally and technically -- energy projects in the EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) formula in Poland and in the EU, in particular:

  • combined heat and power plants.
  • power plants.
  • heating plants.
  • coking plants.
  • steel mills.
  • refineries.
  • other industrial plants.

Services provided by us are characterized by care for quality, safety, environmental protection and individual solutions prepared for the needs of specific projects.

We work mainly with our own experienced production workers (fitters, welders, locksmiths, painters, electricians, power engineers, sheet metal workers).

  • Investment projects implementation in the EPC formula for:
    • power industry
    • co-generation-low-power CHP plants (based on conventional fuel or biomass).
  • Participation in investment projects as a subcontractor.
  • Cooperation with Mostostal Siedlce in scope of steel structure assembly – common realization of projects in the prefabrication and erection formula.
  • Preparation of assembly-workshop documentation for steel structures and cladding design.
  • Production and delivery of steel constructions, ducts, tanks and pipelines.
  • Supply of lightweight materials for wall and roof cladding including windows and doors.
  • Erection of steel structures, ducts, tanks and pipelines.
  • Installation of lightweight wall and roof cladding.
  • Installation of technological pipelines.
  • Installation of technological equipment (e.g. conveyors, filters, electrostatic precipitators, fans, SCR, mills, etc.).
  • Renovation and modernization of pressure parts of steam, water, of conventional and fluidized boilers.
  • Renovation and modernizations of boiler and turbine auxiliary systems installations:
    • air installations.
    • oil installations.
    • water preparation and cooling system.
    • carburizing.
    • biomass.
    • slag and ash removal.
    • exhaust gas circulation.
    • steam installations.
  • Renovation and modernization of flue gas treatment installations:
    • Electrostatic Precipitators ESP.
    • bag filters.
    • IOS flue gases purification installations.
    • SCR / SNCR denitrification installation.
  • Renovation and diagnostics of electrical devices and installations.

  • Current machine service.
  • On-line diagnostic service.
  • Visualization of service processes and integration with customer systems.
  • Full prevention maintenance in all services areas.
  • Responsibility for the availability of machines and devices.
  • Proposing the scope and dates of renovation works.
  • Planning modernization and investment needs.
  • Warranty service for new power units.