Power sector and service

Ikona elektrowni
Business description

The Polimex Mostostal Capital Group offers turnkey energy facilities in Poland and within the European Union, providing a comprehensive range of services ranging from design, picking of deliveries, construction and assembly works, commissioning, carrying out all necessary tests and tests, and then servicing the transferred facilities during the warranty and post-warranty period.

An important element of Polimex Mostostal's activity is carrying out renovation and modernization works for power units, boilers with auxiliary devices, turbines and other power devices.

In the era of intense industrialization, it is extremely important to protect the environment and in this respect Polimex Mostostal offers comprehensive services in the field of air and water protection, among others flue gas desulfurization, dedusting, water treatment plants and waste treatment plants.

The offer of industrial service is taking responsibility for the proper technical condition of machines and technical devices in the industrial plants of customers. The broadly understood service offer includes not only energy, but also other industries and aims to take over from the customer the responsibility for maintaining constant traffic on specific parameters of machinery and equipment and technological lines.

The comprehensive services of Polimex Mostostal in the Energy and Service segment are carried out by experienced staff who have been carrying out a number of important energy investments in Poland and abroad for many years, including recently successfully completed construction of the Power Block for supercritical parameters fired with hard coal of Electricity 1075 My Gross in Kozienice Power Plant belonging to ENEA Wytwarzanie SA

The high quality of offered and implemented services by the companies of the Polimex Mostostal Capital Group is achieved thanks to the quality assurance policy implemented, supported by domestic

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