Nafta, gaz, chemia
Ikona rafinerii
Business description

The companies from the Polimex Mostostal Capital Group have very specialized and wide competences in the investment, modernization and renovation for the petrochemical-refinery, chemical industry, as well as transmission and storage of oil and gas.

The aim is to provide specialized services for the development of industry in Poland and Europe by ensuring a high and stable level of quality of performed works.

The scope of experience and services offered by Polimex Mostostal includes, among others design, purchase and delivery of materials, prefabrication, installation of equipment and installations, commissioning, putting into operation, service and maintenance, repairs / modernization and extension of industrial installations.

The main area of activity of Polimex Mostostal are investment projects implemented in the formula of the General Contractor or in the EPC formula - turnkey in the area of construction of storage tanks, industrial installations, terminals and transhipment ports, fuel pipelines,

A very important element of Polimex Mostostal's activity in the refinery and petrochemical industry are repair services during the shutdowns of the so-called installation called turn-around requiring a huge commitment of personal resources and human potential in a short indefinite period of time - Polimex-Mostostal S.A. proved that the company can deal with such huge and demanding undertakings in Poland and abroad.

The Polimex Mostostal Capital Group manufactures furnaces and process heaters and offers assembly and commissioning at the destination.

The basis of trust in Polimex Mostostal's greatest domestic and foreign customers of this industry, such as PKN Orlen, Grupa Lotos SA, Total, NESTE, APS, TECHNIP and others is our team that has been associated with the Group for many years in many construction areas in the country, in Western Europe and the Middle East.

The implementation of supplies and services in the petrochemical-refinery, chemical and gas industry is a project characterized by the need to maintain extremely restrictive requirements in terms of safety and organization of work, maintaining quality standards and compliance with standards established in plants where individual tasks are implemented - all these requirements are met by the Polimex Mostostal team, proof of which are the certificates of technical approvals, quality certificates and references obtained from customers.