Updated information in current report 48/2009.

Current report no. 57/2010

In reference to the current report no. 48/2009, the Management Board of Polimex-Mostostal S.A. was notified about the fact of signing, via mail, on 28 June 2010, of the Annex to the General Agreement defining the terms of cooperation related to the guarantee and credit line, whereunder the maximum amount of commitment in the guarantee and credit line was lowered to PLN 100,000,000.00. Simultaneously, the Credit Facility Agreement was signed for PLN 50,000,000. The credit facility expires on 27 June 2011. The credit interest rate and collaterals have been defined on arm’s length basis. Legal basis:    Article 56 section 5 of the Act on public offering and introduction of financial instruments to organised trading and on public companies.