Selection of the bid for the ‘Construction of the winning haulage from pit shaft 2.1 from Pole Stefanów to Zakład Przeróbki Mechanicznej Węgla at Pole Bogdanka, in Lubelski Węgiel ‘Bogdanka’ S.A.’.

Current report no. 34/2009

The Management Board of Polimex-Mostostal S.A. hereby informs that on 1 September 2009 itobtained information on finding the bid made by the Issuer with respect to the ‘Construction of thewinning haulage from pit shaft 2.1 from Pole Stefanów to Zakład Przeróbki Mechanicznej Węgla atPole Bogdanka, Lubelski Węgiel ‘Bogdanka’ S.A.’ to be the most beneficial within the scope coveringthe execution of detailed designs, construction of structures, delivery of equipment and accessories,installation on site, machine and equipment launching and commissioning, and obtainment of a usepermit.

The bid was submitted in the public procurement proceedings. The Employer is Lubelski Węgiel‘Bogdanka’ S.A. having its seat in Puchaczów.

Value of the subject matter of the bid: 121,327,780.00 gross (in words: one hundred and twenty-onemillion, three hundred and twenty-seven thousand, seven hundred and eighty zlotys), i.e.99,449,000.00 net (in words: ninety-nine million, four hundred and forty-nine thousand zlotys).Works completion date: 12 months of the contract conclusion date.The procurement is financed with the Lubelski Węgiel ‘Bogdanka’ own resources.

Pursuant to the provisions of the Act dated 29 January 2004 ‘Public Procurement Law’ (hereinafterreferred to as the PPL), participants in tender are entitled to means of legal protection provided for inSection VI thereof if the legal interest thereof in the obtainment of the order has been or may bedetrimented as a result of the Employer’s infringing the provisions of the PPL.

In the event of concluding a contract with the Employer, the Issuer’s Management Board will inform ofthe fact in a separate announcement.

Legal grounds: Article 56 (1) (1) of the Act on public offer and conditions of organised trade in financialinstruments, and on public companies, in relation to § 5 (1) (3) and §9 of the Ordinance of the Ministerof Finances dated 19 February 2009 on current and periodical information provided by issuers ofsecurities and terms of deeming information required by the regulations of a non-Member Stateequivalent (Journal of Laws of 2009, no. 33, item 259).