Polimex-Mostostal S.A. and the Warsaw University of Technology have concluded an agreement on scientific and technical cooperation

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The agreement on scientific and technical cooperation has been signed today at the main building of WUT by the Rector of the Warsaw University of Technology Professor Jan Szmidt, the President of the Management Board of Polimex-Mostostal Krzysztof Figat and the Vice President of Polimex-Mostostal Przemysław Janiszewski.

„The Agreement opens a new chapter in the cooperation between Polimex Mostostal Capital Group and the best technical upper education institution in Poland. We plan to focus on the most effective use of the university’s scientific and research potential and on combining it with our Company’s technical expertise in order to render the educational process more modern. We want to enhance academic standards, particularly in the key areas from the standpoint of the Capital Group, that is construction, energy, petrochemicals and gas, infrastructure, production, broadly understood engineering, design and environmental protection.” - said Krzysztof Figat, the President of the Management Board of Polimex-Mostostal.

The agreement assumes the exchange of experience between WUT and the companies that belong to Polimex Mostostal Capital Group, such as Polimex Energetyka, Polimex Infrastruktura, Polimex Budownictwo, Naftoremont-Naftobudowa and Mostostal Siedlce

 „We employ experienced and highly qualified engineers and specialists and we adhere to the highest standards of quality and safety. The cooperation with the largest and most prestigious technical university in the country will allow us to both share and gain experience, to acquire well-educated new employees and to strengthen our competencies as a Company.” - added Przemysław Janiszewski, the Vice President of Polimex-Mostostal.

The combination of the scientific and research potential of WUT with the practical knowledge and experience of one of the Polish market leaders in construction and engineering will bring mutual benefits in terms of developing competencies and promoting best practices in the fields of construction, energy, oil, gas and chemicals and production. The cooperation will cover many areas and will involve education, development, investment and modernisation projects.

 „The cooperation with one of the greatest Polish construction and engineering companies, Polimex-Mostostal S.A., guarantees great learning results for the students of WUT by providing them with an opportunity to test the waters of their future professional careers in the authentic industry settings. The experience gained in the process will allow them to make use of their knowledge faster and more effectively. The cooperation program can be implemented in various areas, for instance in the form of industrial and construction internships, dual education or postgraduate implementation PhD programs for doctoral students. The agreement is especially important for our university given that the scope of activity of Polimex-Mostostal S.A. is very broad and it corresponds with the educational profile of several of WUT’s faculties. I am positive that the cooperation between WUT and Polimex-Mostostal S.A. will be mutually beneficial” - said professor Jan Szmidt, the Rector of the Warsaw University of Technology.

The cooperation plan assumes the creation of a network of contacts in the areas of construction, energy, petrochemicals and gas, infrastructure, production, broadly understood engineering, design and environmental protection. The goal is to implement projects that would activate and integrate the companies from the industry with the students and graduates, as well as to organize seminars and conferences to exchange experience and promote joint achievements.


As part of the cooperation initiative Polimex-Mostostal would like to directly participate in the educational process of its future employees as regards the Company’s competence requirements. The agreement between the Warsaw University of Technology and Polimex Mostostal Capital Group is expected to soon result in internship and placement programs for students whom Polimex-Mostostal would be interested in hiring.

The agreement also lays foundations for the establishment of scholarship programs for the best students and graduates of the university as an investment in the future competent employee base. It also assumes the cooperation in the organization of training courses and post-graduate studies dedicated to the Company’s engineering and technical staff.