Polimex Mostostal and KOGENERACJA have signed a contract for the construction of a heat and power plant in Siechnice

Ec Czechnica

KOGENERACJA Group of Wrocław Heat and Power Plants, belonging to PGE Energia Ciepła from the PGE Group, 23 June this year signed a contract with Polimex Mostostal for the construction of a new gas-fired CHP plant, which will replace the currently operated coal-fired unit located in Siechnice.


The construction of  Heat and Power Plant Czechnica will be carried out on the basis of KOGENERACJA contracts with a consortium of companies including: Polimex Mostostal - Consortium Leader and Polimex Energetyka - Consortium Partner.

The modern unit will consist of a gas-steam unit, a peak load-reserve boiler room and a heat accumulator. The value of the contract for the construction of the heat and power plant is approx. PLN 1,159 million net, and the value of the related service contract approx. PLN 118 million net.

Wojciech Dąbrowski, President of the Management Board of PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna, who was present at the ceremony, pointed out that the investment in Siechnice is part of the PGE Group's strategy, according to which by 2030 it is planned to use 70% of zero- and low-emission sources for heat production. - Our goal is to achieve climate neutrality by 2050 - explained Wojciech Dąbrowski. - Our energy transformation assumes decarbonisation of production. Therefore, it will be necessary to change the technology - we will ultimately focus on renewable energy sources and on the implementation of measures for the circular economy, which will significantly reduce the emission intensity of production - he added.

- The new heat and power plant in Siechnice will guarantee energy security for the Commune of Siechnice and the southern part of Wrocław - emphasized Przemysław Kołodziejak, president of the management board of PGE Energia Ciepła. - The construction of an environmentally friendly gas unit in Siechnice is one of our most important investments - he added.

- Thanks to the use of modern technology and low-emission fuel, the production of heat and electricity will be efficient and environmentally friendly. The inhabitants of Siechnice will primarily benefit from this, due to a significant reduction in gas emissions, which will improve the air quality in the vicinity of the plant - emphasized Andrzej Jedut, President of the Management Board of KOGENERACJA.

- We are pleased with another ambitious energy contract for the PGE Group. Signing today's agreement is all the more important to us as the PGE Group is one of our key shareholders. Thanks to the trust of that the PGE Group has placed in us by the implementation of its strategic energy projects, as well as our financial commitment, we are today a leader in building the Polish energy sector. Today's signing of the contract is also another proof that we have competences, experience and that we took full advantage of the opportunities given to us in 2017. Today, in our results and contracts, we show that an investment in Polimex Mostostal is a good investment. We will make every effort to ensure that the construction of the new EC Czechnica is our common success. - said Krzysztof Figat, President of the Management Board of Polimex Mostostal.

The project schedule provides for the commissioning of the CCGT unit in 2024. Until then, the production of electricity and heat will be provided by the currently operating installations and the peak part of the new CHP plant in Siechnice, which is planned to be launched in the first half of 2023.

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