Polimex Budownictwo is to build a Wind Power Complex in Sianów commune in West Pomerania as part of the EKO-EN Skibno 2 Wind Farm project.


Polimex Budownictwo, part of the Polimex Mostostal Capital Group, signed a contract with Eko-En Skibno 2 for the construction of a Wind Power Plant Complex in Sianów commune, Koszalin county, West Pomeranian voivodeship, consisting of 5 wind turbines of the Vestas V100 2 MW HH 120 m type, together with foundations, access roads, exits from public roads, MV 15 kV cable lines with fibre optics and earthing, with a MV 15 kV substation and connection to GPZ Koszalin Północ.

The contract covers the comprehensive Wind Power Plant Complex, which includes the following works: development of detailed designs for all disciplines, upgrade and reconstruction of municipal roads, construction of access roads and manoeuvring yards, construction of turbine foundations, MV and fibre-optic cable works with connection to GPZ Koszalin Północ.

The Sianów project is in line with Polimex Mostostal Capital Group's policy, including first and foremost the involvement of the Group's companies in Poland's energy transformation and further development of competencies in the implementation of green energy projects. As one of the alternative energy sources, wind power is a green alternative to fossil fuels.

Polimex Budownictwo specialises in the implementation of renewable energy projects, as a general contractor for the construction of both wind and photovoltaic farms.

The Customer is Eko-En Skibno 2 sp. z o.o., a subsidiary of Greenvolt Power Poland sp. z o.o.  Greenvolt Power is part of the Greenvolt Group, specialising in the development, construction and management of large-scale wind and photovoltaic projects. Poland is one of the key markets for the Greenvolt Group. The company currently has plant projects in the pipeline with a total capacity of 6.9 GW, of which 3.4 GW are being implemented in Poland.

In addition to developing large-scale wind and photovoltaic projects in most European markets and the US market, the Greenvolt Group is active in the small-scale distributed energy segment, offering and implementing solutions for both, business and residential customers, in six countries. The core business of Greenvolt Group, i.e. the production of energy from waste biomass, is run in the Portuguese and UK markets.

Polimex Budownictwo provides comprehensive services in the industrial and general construction sector, building construction and RES systems. Depending on the scale of the project, it works as a general contractor or in consortia, with leading companies in the energy and industrial sectors.